Toilet seats Bello

Toilet seats Bello are put to use both in private and public sector, in homes, hotels, public and health facilities … depending on the customer, we adapt to our partners and strive to be continually supportive, so it is no wonder that often our business partner also become our friends.

Toilet seats Bold

In addition to own production range Bello we offer MDF and acrylic toilet seats in various colors and imaginative designs known under the brand name to a Bold.

Why is toilet seat important?

Although a toilet seat might not seem to be of substantial importance it is definitely not so when it comes to our bathrooms. A professor from a microbiology department has highlighted the importance of the toilet seat, stating that the toilet left up is a major cause of spreading winter diseases and stomach virus infections. Namely, since most people do not care about toilet seat being up or down, they usually leave it up: I think they will think twice when they have read this. Each time you leave the toilet seat up, you let a whole cloud of bacteria explode into the air and settle on surrounding surfaces and things, such as tooth brush, razor or electric shaver, makeup removal pads etc. Not a nice picture, is it?

Protect yourself where the hygiene is most important!

Since the toilet seat is an object that comes into direct contact with your skin, it is of utmost importance that it is clean. Bello seats are produced from a material containing additional antibacterial component and their durability corresponds to the expected life cycle of such products. Bello toilet seats are produced from granules. The antibacterial component contained in this duroplast material provides an additional protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria and moulds causing pollution and decay of products. Biological functioning of bacteria coming into contact with the antibacterial protection is impaired and they die. Antibacterial protection in combination with regular cleaning helps keep the life standard and offers additional protection where hygiene is of crucial importance.

All you need is to touch it!

One of persistent issues in male-female relationships is whether to put the toilet seat up or down after use, which becomes especially critical when you live with someone, and your shortcomings start showing together with your good sides. Each gender will come up with a list of reasons pro and con. In order to make this decision easier and prevent arguments, Ivanićplast offers you a so called SMARTclose toilet seats – Bello range: the toilet seats that close easily and noiselessly just by a touch.

Quality is our primary concern

Bello toilet seats are made from high-end duroplast material highly resistant to scratches, UV rays, heat and chemicals, which makes them easy to clean. They are glossy and shall not turn the unseemly yellow shade even after years of use. Bello toilet seat has pads on the reverse that have a good grip to the toilet bowl and prevent slipping of the seat, bearing an 150 kg load.